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Duchess Prestige

Experience The Ultimate Self-Care With Our Rejuvenating Treatment​

Discover the epitome of self-care with our rejuvenating anti-aging skincare products. Treat yourself to luxurious formulations designed to revitalize and nourish your skin, leaving you feeling radiant and refreshed. Elevate your skincare routine and indulge in the ultimate pampering experience today.

Duchess Prestige

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Dr Anna Orlova PHD – Our Head of science research in DUCHESS PRESTIGE aesthetics practitioner, Pharmacist and nutritionist is a skincare and beauty expert specialised in a variety of skincare treatments and skincare enthusiast with a passion for skin-care and a healthy lifestyle.

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Experience the ultimate self-care with our rejuvenating treatments.


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Best Seller

Tournage Scented Candle 39£ + VAT

Our candles are made with soy wax and scented with pure aromatherapy essential oils. No paraffin wax or synthetic fragrances ensure that the candles burn beautifully with no wasted wax left on the glass and fill your room with a warm, citrusy, and floral scent.

Best Seller

Tournage: Anti-ageing massage oil candle

Immerse yourself in ultimate tranquility as this refined creation, infused with anti-aging secrets, transforms every touch into a passionate caress, leaving your skin nourished, calm, and invigorated. Ideal for both personal rejuvenation and shared intimacy, Tournage is not just a massage candle—it’s an opulent experience that lingers, symbolizing exclusivity and prestige in every captivating moment. 

Best Seller

Duchess Prestige Scented Candle (Paradiso)​

Our candles are made with soy wax and scented with pure aromatherapy essential oils. No paraffin wax or synthetic fragrances ensure that the candles burn beautifully with no wasted wax left on the glass and fill your room with a warm, citrusy, and floral scent.

Best Seller

Peace: Anti-ageing massage oil candle

Embark on a journey of serenity and affection with Duchess Prestige’s ‘Peace’ Massage Oil Candle—an exclusive creation designed to enchant hearts with a symphony of love and tranquillity.

More than a candle, it’s an intimate expression of affection, gliding onto the skin like warm silk, with a soul-soothing apricot scent crafted to rejuvenate your senses and create an atmosphere of love. Infused with anti-aging properties and premium  ingredients, ‘Peace’ becomes a heartfelt gesture, leaving your skin supple and emanating a divine fragrance, inviting you to experience moments of affectionate indulgence with every flicker of its flame.

Founder & CEO

Duchess Nivin El-Gamal

Once upon a time, in the heart of a bustling city, stood the elegant Duchess Manor of 007, home to the renowned Duchess Prestige, a luxury skincare brand coveted by elites worldwide. The 007 mansion exuded opulence, its halls adorned with exquisite artworks and its gardens flourishing with rare blooms.

However, fate took an unexpected turn one fateful night when a fire broke out, engulfing the 007 manor in flames. Despite the valiant efforts of firefighters, the mansion suffered extensive damage, leaving behind ashes where grandeur once reigned.

Amidst the devastation, the Duchess, a woman of unwavering resilience, refused to let despair consume her. With determination burning brighter than the flames that had ravaged her home, she embarked on a journey to rebuild not just her skin, estate but her legacy.

Drawing inspiration from the ashes of her past, the Duchess envisioned a brand that would rise from the ashes like a phoenix, embodying strength, beauty, and timeless elegance. Thus, Duchess Prestige was born.

Through sheer dedication and a commitment to excellence, the Duchess crafted skincare products of unparalleled quality, infused with rare ingredients sourced from around the globe. Each formulation was meticulously developed to nourish, rejuvenate, and enhance the natural beauty of every individual.

Word of the Duchess’s triumphant comeback spread like wildfire, capturing the hearts of beauty enthusiasts far and wide. From celebrities to royalty, everyone clamored to experience the transformative power of Duchess Prestige.

As the brand flourished, the Duchess remained steadfast in her mission to empower others to embrace their beauty with confidence and grace. With each product bearing the emblem of a phoenix rising from the ashes, Duchess Prestige became more than just a skincare brand—it became a symbol of resilience, strength, and timeless elegance.

And so, from the ashes of adversity emerged a legacy that would endure for generations to come, reminding the world that even in the face of destruction, beauty and grace can rise anew.

Our Brand Ambassador

Miss World Colombia

Camilia Pinzon

Miss World Colombia, Camila Pinzon, since acquiring her title in September 2022, has led humanitarian efforts in 10 countries across South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, including providing relief in Turkey and Syria alongside the International Red Cross/Red Crescent. In 2024 she became Ambassador of Peace for her humanitarian work worldwide.

Miss World Colombia, Camilla Pinzon holds two master’s degrees in marketing and management from Sorbonne University, Paris. Due to her professional and academic background, she was also invited as a guest lecturer at the University of Cambridge.

As the Ambassador of Duchess Prestige, Camilla said, “It’s incredible! It’s changed the texture of my skin. I fell in love with Duchess Prestige products and it’s divine fragrance.” From that point on, I kept my cream collection, an astonishing 25 jars of Duchess Prestige face cream and lotions, as gifts for our special peacemakers. “Miss Colombia, Camila Pinzón, is getting ready with our products for Miss World on March 4, 2024, using our body scrub, body lotion, and perfumes. ‘Just smear it all over!’ which results in extraordinarily youthful and smooth skin. “I’m telling you, these products are amazing. It even firms the body,” she says. “People stop me in the street all the time. You won’t blink an eye, and after a while, you’ll get so used to it you can’t live without it.”

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